Frequently Asked

Q: Do you sell out?

A: Yes. We have a cap based on parking and safety, and we have sold out every year! Sign up, soon.

Q: What does this thing cost?

A: Dollars, and some sweat. Specifically, $85 for Elements and $129 for Gnarly. Gnarly athletes will carry their “bonus swag” of 20 pounds up, down, around the event. In years past these have been backpacks with 20 pounds of sand.

Q: How old do you have to be to compete? Is there an age limit?

A: Limit? No. Anyone over the age of 14 can compete, and those under the age of 18 MUST have a parent or guardian present at check-in to sign your waiver. We prefer 14-16 competes WITH parent, 16+ competes alone with waiver signature.


Q: What if I REALLY want to do this, but it's SOLD OUT before I can sign up?

A: You can always volunteer, and come party with us! When tickets are gone, they're gone.


Q: I’m new to CrossFit, or I don’t CrossFit that often, can I still complete the event?
A: Yes! This event is built around the Community of CrossFit, while still making it challenging for those at the highest levels. Consider this a “Bonus Round” of the movements learned in the CrossFit Open. Except you won’t see rowers, RING muscle ups, or double unders. That I can promise!

Q: I have been CrossFitting for a while, but I did not qualify for any of the Sanctionals this year. Can I still finish Gnarly?
A: If you can Rx the Open, you can Gnarly the Meltdown. Adding a burden element spices it up, but still doable! Start running, now.


Q: I did this last year, so I know what's up. Do I get a personalized pair of ankle weights if I am running in Gnarly?
A: How is this a frequently asked question? Every year the format is slightly different.

Q: I did this in Park City, will the Midwest events be the same?
A: Each and every mountain has a little bit different course and feel. The gear will remain the same, but the hopper may pick a different scheme for you. Workouts will be posted 2 weeks prior to your event.

Q: I’m signed up for Gnarly, but so-and-so is signed up for Elements, can we run in the same heat?
A: Yes, and no problem! Buy the same tickets for that heat.


Q: How many WODs are there?
A: Surprise! Movements and standards announced starting in April. But, expect 5 or 6... or maybe 7? Workouts.

Q: This is a 5k PLUS 5 WODs, how long will this take me?
A: There will be an increased time cap of 90 minutes to complete the course, this year. Buckle up. I’m looking at you, teams.

Q: How will heats be determined?
A: Elements and mixed heats will go out together in waves of Individuals. Teams will then go after all individuals are on course. Each heat will be assigned to you before you check in during your purchase process, and published on the HEATS page here on the website.


Q: How do Teams work? Do I have to wait for each member to complete?

A: Teams will compete as one unit - each WOD/Run Segment/Etc will be broken down partner-style. Each Team will receive a “Participation Ribbon” that they need to carry through the course. Every team member must carry their “Participation Ribbon” on one of the runs. Same movements, just way worse... and you're totally signing up for it for some reason, so why are you even asking that question?


Q: Are there refunds?

A: There are no refunds. We pay for venue, gear, and insurance whether you show up or not. We can transfer tickets if you need to by going through and being nice to Evan.

Q: Can I transfer my registration because I got [insert excuse]?

A: Yes! It’s easy. You transfer, they pay, you get refunded. >>YOU JUST CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY ACCOUNT<<


Q: This seems pretty cool.

A: Yes, yes it does. Tell your friends via the InstaBook about it #MountainMeltdown @MountainMeltdown

Q: Can spectators come?

A: Yes! The more the merrier. Spectators do not have to pay to watch, but please know some courses will require manual labor (hiking) to get to see workouts 2 & 4.

Q: Do you do Military/EMS/Police/Fire discounts?

A: Yes! Thank you for your service! Email for 20% code with your ID.

Q: If I sign up for Gnarly, can I bring my own vest?

A: If it’s a Condor Outdoor vest, then YES! Condor has exclusivity for our burden carry, and we want to support them as much as possible. Thank you for understanding. Plus, it just looks cool if everyone matches.

Q: I signed up for Gnarly, but I can't do [blank], can I still do the rest of the event?

A: Yes. This is a community throw down event. If you’re shaving reps and cheating to win that’s xxxxxxxd up. Be safe, be kind, be responsible and take care of yourself. Ask a head judge at the workout for the scaling options.

Q: I did Gnarly, do I keep my vest and patches and plates?

A: Gnarly Individuals and Team ALL keep their vest and patches. They can select to “keep their plates” at checkout or return them at the finish line. Either way, it helps us know how many to bring out to each event!

Q: Can I buy my plates if I fall in love with them whilst destroying my body on said Mountain Meltdown?

A: What are you? A lawyer? Nobody talks like that, but yes, you can purchase plates on-site for $45 if you want keep these American Steel beauties.


Q: Will CrossFit Legend really Chris Spealler be there? Can I take him home?

A: Yes, Chris will be there. Unfortunately, you cannot take him home to protect your garden with his little hat or your fitness. For that, please sign up for and join our community of effective training!