About US


We made a Running event for CROSSFIT freaks.

We’re building community while giving back to the one we love so much.

The Mountain Meltdown began in late 2013 with the mission to bring back the “community” portion of the Community Throwdown competition. We missed the dust of the ranch, the pukey feeling after sprinting up a hill, and the unknown and unknowable of outdoor venues.

What started as an annual CrossFit comp in Park City, UT has expanded to a Mountain near you. We promise to deliver 5-6 hard classic CrossFit workouts, and take the scenic route up and down a mountain to get to all of them. Each workout, just like CrossFit itself, is scaleable up and down from our Gnarly Division (Fire Breathers) to our Elements Division that are there to sweat with the best. We’ve had athletes from 14-74 on course at the same time cheering each other every year.

Rain? Shine? Snow? The test is effective. We built all of this with the words of Coach in mind that “No, it doesn’t ever get any easier. You wouldn’t want it to, either.”