The Original 5k for Crossfit Freaks

The Mountain Meltdown will be the best thing you do with your fitness outside the gym all Summer.

We want you to come party with us! Why? Because we are the original 5k for Crossfitters functional competition. This CrossFit Community event is an expansion of the movements learned and executed throughout the CrossFit Games Open with rigs, sound, production, and party for the whole gym that you've come to expect from us over the years.

Our courses will cover just over five kilometers of stairs, fire roads, and trails that athletes push, pedal, and run up and down. Local Ski Resorts and Mountain Facilities provide us the nastiest elevation gains upon which we will lovingly season with five or six "quick" and "simple" Classic CrossFit WODs. These delicious treats of pain will lovingly ruin your day... err... increase your pleasure response.

Not enough for you? I'll be your huckleberry. Sign up for our Gnarly division! These athletes carry an additional 20#/14# of weight throughout the whole course, way tougher workouts, and compete against everyone for our bragging rights in King and Queen of The Mountain.

Oh, it’s going to be epic, but please know the entire day is still accessible for beginners with scaling options and divisions for Ladies, Men and 2 Person Teams. A loving dose of "Couples Therapy" this year.

Bring your buddies, bring your kids, and come throw down with us at the Mountain Meltdown.

Check out our locations tab for information on where we're coming, next. Registration opens March 15, 2020.

2020 locations

This is going to be EPIC.